About Us

Toomey's and Robert's Cleaners is a family-owned and operated dry cleaning company with 8 locations in Massachusetts. Our passionate devotion to clients, combined with award-winning quality, has created a loyal customer base that spans the region. We offer the many services with a smile, as well as monthly specials. We provide convenient, exceptional garment care services on-time. Our growth is a direct result of reinvesting in our company, our employees and the communities we serve. Our friendly, knowledgeable team values integrity and professionalism in all our relationships. Our goal is customer service, satisfaction and to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We have and will continue to meet these goals by offering a high level of customer service, communication and flexibility in the cleaning services that we offer. We literally "take pride in the way you look" as well as take pride in that our customers trust us with their garments.

Company History

Robert's Cleaners, Inc., headquartered in Lynn, MA, is a four-generation, family owned company founded in

 1947 by father and son Sam and Robert Kaminski. This corporation has grown to include companies doing business at Robert's Cleaners, Toomey's Cleaners and Service Cleaners. The first plant was and continues to be located at 624 Summer Street in West Lynn, Massachusetts and is still the main processing plant for Robert's Cleaners. Looking to expand further into other promising opportunities, in 1969, the Company purchased Toomey's Cleaners, located at 43 Boston Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. The Company then acquired a joint, then complete, interest in Service Cleaners, located at 20 Melvin Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts in the early 80's. Robert Kaminski Sr. passed down the torch to his two sons, Robert Jr. (Bob) and Paul in 1983 upon his retirement. Inspired to grow bigger and offer expanded services to our current customers as well as new customers, the brothers opened two drop-off/pick-up stores at 50 Western Avenue in Lynn, Massachusetts under the name "Toomey's" brand name in 1984 and at 250 Main St in Middleton, Massachusetts under the "Robert's" brand name in 1995. In 1996, another "Toomey's" drop-off/pick-up store was opened at 106 Lynn Street in South Peabody, Massachusetts. In Feburary of 2007, Roberts in Nahant was open and Toomeys added a location on the Lynn/Lynnfield line. Bob and Paul's business philosophies have continued to fuel the Company's growth in the tradition of their predecessors. This growth, which stems from both same-store sales and Company expansion, is a direct result of reinvesting in the Company, the employees and the communities Robert's and Toomey's Cleaners serve. Today, the Company boasts 6 retail locations throughout Lynn, Peabody & Middleton, with two featuring fully-equipped cleaning facilities and two on-site tailoring services.